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🌈 2022 October Queer Releases πŸŒˆ

Nota Bene: an asterisk (*) is added near the titles to mean that the book DOES NOT feature queer characters on page (to my knowledge), but the author is queer and therefore still in need of our support as those book are intrinsically queer (or at least I think so, everyone else is absolutely free to feel otherwise).

I try to be as inclusive as I possibly can, so my monthly release posts will always include books by non-queer authors who feature queer main characters or prominent queer secondary characters, as well as books by queer authors with or without representation as I wrote above.

TitleAuthor/EditorCategory/GenrePublication Date
The Woodcutter and the Snow PrinceIan Eagleton & Davide Ortu (Illustrator)Picture Book01-10-2022
Bite Me! (You Know I Like It)Fae QuinAdult/Fantasy01-10-2022
Death’s BloomLily MayneAdult/Horror03-10-2022
Last Night in BrightonMassoud HayounAdult/Contemporary04-10-2022
Prince of Song & SeaLinsey MillerYoung Adult/Fantasy04-10-2022
Imperfect IllusionsVanora LawlessAdult/Historical04-10-2022
Tasting Light: Ten Science Fiction Stories to Rewire Your PerceptionsA.R. Capetta & Wade RoushAnthology04-10-2022
Tentacles & TriathlonsAshley BennettAdult/Fantasy04-10-2022
Extra WitchyAnn AguirreAdult/Contemporary04-10-2022
The SacrificeRin ChupecoYoung Adult/Horror04-10-2022
ThievesLucie BryonYoung Adult/Contemporary04-10-2022
Anne of GreenvilleMariko TamakiYoung Adult/Contemporary04-10-2022
The Story of the Hundred PromisesNeil CochraneAdult/Fantasy04-10-2022
HollowShannon Watters, Branden Boyer-White & Berenice NelleYoung Adult/Fantasy04-10-2022
ReforgedSeth HaddonAdult/Fantasy04-10-2022
The Language of BodiesSuzanne DeWitt HallAdult/Mystery04-10-2022
The First to Die at the EndAdam SilveraYoung Adult/Science-Fiction04-10-2022
When They Tell You To Be GoodPrince ShakurMemoir04-10-2022
The Last Hope In HopetownMaria TureaudMiddle Grade/Fantasy04-10-2022
A Scatter of LightMalinda LoYoung Adult/Contemporary04-10-2022
My Love Mix-Up!, Vol. 5Wataru Hinekure & Aruko (Illustrator)Manga04-10-2022
The Restless DarkErica WatersYoung Adult/Fantasy04-10-2022
You’re a Mean One, Matthew PrinceTimothy JanovskyAdult/Contemporary04-10-2022
A Minor ChorusBilly-Ray BelcourtAdult/Contemporary04-10-2022
Monarch RisingHarper GlennYoung Adult/Science-Fiction04-10-2022
Making WavesChristina LeeAdult/Contemporary04-10-2022
Sixteen SoulsRosie TalbotYoung Adult/Fantasy06-10-2022
How to Bite Your Neighbor and Win a WagerD.N. BrynAdult/Fantasy06-10-2022
Little RockÁlex BeltrÑnYoung Adult/Thriller07-10-2022
Beautiful AdamLaura LascarsoAdult/Horror07-10-2022
Inside OutLor GislasonAdult/Horror10-10-2022
Death on the PierJamie WestAdult/Mystery10-10-2022
Army of LoversK.M. SoehnleinAdult/Historical11-10-2022
In the Key of DaleBenjamin LefebvreYoung Adult/Contemporary11-10-2022
Daughters of the New YearE.M. TranAdult/Contemporary11-10-2022
Where the Lost Ones GoAkemi Dawn BowmanMiddle Grade/Fantasy11-10-2022
Nikhil Out LoudMaulik PancholyMiddle Grade/Contemporary11-10-2022
When Things Happen TogetherJordan Clayden-LewisAdult/Contemporary11-10-2022
The Name-BearerNatalia HernandezAdult/Fantasy11-10-2022
Mistakes Were MadeMeryl WilsnerAdult/Contemporary11-10-2022
Twelfth Grade NightMolly Horton Booth, Stephanie Kate Strohm & Jamie Green (Illustrator)Young Adult/Contemporary11-10-2022
Season of LoveHelena GreerAdult/Contemporary11-10-2022
The Edge of BeingJames BrandonYoung Adult/Contemporary11-10-2022
Will Do Magic for Small ChangeAndrea HairstonAdult/Science-Fiction11-10-2022
Entangled With an Elf PrinceAmanda FerreiraAdult/Fantasy12-10-2022
Football RoyaltyEden FinleyAdult/Contemporary13-10-2022
Make You Mine This ChristmasLizzie Huxley-JonesAdult/Contemporary13-10-2022
The Other OnesFran HartYoung Adult/Fantasy13-10-2022
Big Bad MeAislinn O’LoughlinYoung Adult/Fantasy13-10-2022
House of BadawiC.J. KhemiAdult/Fantasy14-10-2022
Night’s MelodyDrake LaMarqueAdult/Horror17-10-2022
RescueDani HootsAdult/Science-Fiction18-10-2022
The Stars in Their EyesKristy GardnerYoung Adult/Science-Fiction18-10-2022
When We Were SistersFatimah AsgharAdult/Contemporary18-10-2022
The Endless SongJoshua Phillip JohnsonAdult/Fantasy18-10-2022
Deadbeat DruidDavid R. SlaytonYoung Adult/Fantasy18-10-2022
It Took Luke: Overworked UnderpaidMark Bouchard & Bayleigh Underwood (Illustrator)Adult/Horror18-10-2022
Poison ForestLauri StarlingYoung Adult/Fantasy18-10-2022
Paris Daillencourt Is About to CrumbleAlexis HallAdult/Contemporary18-10-2022
Lavender HouseLev A.C. RosenAdult/Historical18-10-2022
Hazel Hill Is Gonna Win This OneMaggie HorneMiddle Grade/Contemporary18-10-2022
When the Angels Left the Old CountrySacha LambYoung Adult/Fantasy18-10-2022
Nothing Sung and Nothing SpokenNita TyndallYoung Adult/Historical18-10-2022
Drizzle, Dreams, and Lovestruck ThingsMaya PrasadYoung Adult/Contemporary18-10-2022
Frizzy*Claribel A. OrtegaMiddle Grade/Contemporary18-10-2022
GreywarenMaggie StiefvaterYoung Adult/Fantasy18-10-2022
Hugs and CuddlesJoΓ£o Gilberto Noll & Edgar Garbelotto (Translator)Adult/Contemporary18-10-2022
His Darkest DesiresHellie HeatAdult/Horror21-10-2022
The Heretic’s Guide to Homecoming: Book Two: PracticeSienna TristenAdult/Fantasy22-10-2022
Cupid CallingViano OniomohAdult/Contemporary25-10-2022
Not So Thanks in AdvanceClio EvansAdult/Fantasy25-10-2022
Wish Lists Lead to ThisKay ClaireAdult/Contemporary25-10-2022
They Were Here Before UsEric LaRoccaAdult/Horror25-10-2022
The Husky and His White Cat Shizun: Erha He Ta De Bai Mao Shizun (Novel) Vol. 1Rou Bao Bu Chi RouAdult/Fantasy25-10-2022
In The Shadow of the ThroneKate Sheridan & Gaia Cardinali (Illustrator)Young Adult/Fantasy25-10-2022
The Reanimator’s HeartKara JorgensenAdult/Historical25-10-2022
The Sevenfold HuntersRose EgalYoung Adult/Science-Fiction25-10-2022
Into the RiverlandsNghi VoAdult/Fantasy25-10-2022
The Atlas ParadoxOlivie BlakeAdult/Fantasy25-10-2022
Dirt-Stained Hands, Thorn-Pierced SkinTabitha O’ConnellAdult/Fantasy25-10-2022
Empire of the FeastBendi BarrettAdult/Fantasy25-10-2022
The Scratch DaughtersHannah Abigail ClarkeYoung Adult/Fantasy25-10-2022
Of Feathers and ThornsKit VincentAdult/Fantasy25-10-2022
Shameless PuckboyEden Finley & Saxon JamesAdult/Contemporary27-10-2022
Lord of Silver AshesKellen GravesAdult/Fantasy28-10-2022
Difference Is Born on the LipsMichael HandrickMemoir28-10-2022
A Delicious DescentAmanda MeuwissenAdult/Horror31-10-2022


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